Bronny James Drops Hint About Possible College Leaning

Bronny James Drops Hint About Possible College Leaning

Bronny James is one of the last remaining top-rated high school basketball players in his class who has not yet committed to where he will attend college.

Although one program is viewed as the frontrunner for his services at the moment, nothing is etched in stone.

At this point, Bronny’s recruitment is widely sees as a three-team race between Ohio State, Oregon and USC.

This week, during an appearance at the Nike Hoops Summit in Portland, Oregon, Bronny seemed to drop a little hint about his feelings towards one of those schools.

“It’s always nice to be here,” he said.

“Nice city. I like the weather out here, gloomy rain-type weather.”

Why is this noteworthy? Because the weather in Columbus, Ohio, and Los Angeles, California, definitely doesn’t fit that bill. If Bronny is legitimately drawn to that sort of climate, which some folks naturally are, Eugene, Oregon, certainly fits the bill.

Bronny also expressed interest in chatting with Jackson Shelstad, who has quite openly tried to recruit him to Oregon.

“It’s nice being here with all these guys, being with (Team) USA,” Bronny continued.

“Me and Jackson are still trying to meet each other, but he’s a cool dude. I like talking to him and stuff. We talk about Oregon and stuff. I like his game a lot. He shoots the ball well and he’s a fast point guard. He makes smart decision. Everyone likes to play with a good point guard who can make good decisions.”

Earlier this week, an NBA scout gave a brutally honest assessment of Bronny’s skill level. It largely matches up with what others have said about him.

Physically, Bronny doesn’t possess all the gifts his dad did at his age. But mentally, he is as sharp as they come. And he plays the game the right way.

One way or another, Bronny will be a huge asset to whatever program he finally lands with. What school will that ultimately end up being? Time will tell.

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