Bronny James’ Encounter With OnlyFans Model Corinna Kopf (Video)

Bronny James’ Encounter With OnlyFans Model Corinna Kopf (Video)

Bronny James is widely regarded as one of the best high school basketball players in the nation.

Beyond just his undeniable skillset and acumen for the game, Bronny is also the eldest son of LeBron James. And having arguably the greatest of all time guiding your hoops career is always a positive.

Much has been made about where Bronny will go to college. There are five college basketball powerhouses fighting for his services at the moment. But on-the-court stuff aside, the 18-year-old has other interests.

A recent encounter between Bronny and OnlyFans model Corinna Kopf illustrated just how far he has already branched out into other avenues.

Besides being a star basketball player, Bronny is also an avid gamer and boasts a social media presence with nearly 7 million followers on Instagram alone. He is friends with other young influencers, including Adin Ross.

Recently, Bronny went to go see Adin, who in turn had been hanging out with Corinna.

The interaction between Bronny and Corinna ended up generating a lot of buzz:

This isn’t the first time Bronny has blown up online for something like this. Much has been made in recent months about his relationship status with his one-time girlfriend.

Their extremely memorable photos together famously caused a lot of controversy.

And before all that, Bronny had been linked to an Instagram model and at least one other female.

All of which is to say, the youngster is undoubtedly used to folks scrutinizing his personal life in this fashion.

As far as his basketball career, it will be fascinating to see where he goes from here. On paper he lacks the physical gifts that his younger brother, Bryce, possess. But he has a certain instinct for the game that is unrivaled.

A few weeks back, a number of college basketball coaches were surveyed for their honest assessment of Bronny’s floor and ceiling. Their responses were telling.

One way or another, Bronny will get the opportunity to shine both on and off the court.

What he will do with that opportunity remains to be seen.

Thus far, he has handled the pressure and stress that comes with being LeBron James’ son about as well as anyone could have ever hoped for.

Will the trend continue?

Time will tell.

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