Brittany Mahomes’ Outfit Goes Viral After Chiefs Loss (Photos)

Brittany Mahomes’ Outfit Goes Viral After Chiefs Loss (Photos)

Brittany Mahomes is the wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

Over the last few years, she has slowly but surely become the face of NFL spouses between her bold outspoken nature and general carefree way of being.

Brittany makes headlines for one thing or another on a seemingly weekly basis at this point. And Sunday’s showdown between the Chiefs and Indianapolis Colts was no exception.

One of the things fans couldn’t stop talking about coming out of the outing was her notable choice of attire:

Brittany Mahomes’ Outfit Goes Viral After Chiefs Loss (Photos) 1 Brittany Mahomes’ Outfit Goes Viral After Chiefs Loss (Photos) 2 Brittany Mahomes’ Outfit Goes Viral After Chiefs Loss (Photos) 3 Brittany Mahomes’ Outfit Goes Viral After Chiefs Loss (Photos) 4

“Looking gorgeous Mama,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“My fav spice girl,” a second added.

“The cutest Mama,” a third noted.

This obviously isn’t the first time Brittany has blown up online in this fashion. Between her wild birthday celebration, impressive workout photos and provocative wardrobe choices – this has become something of a regular occurrence.

Her level of notoriety and ability to land in the headlines has led some to wonder about the impact she is having on Patrick’s mental health. Certain selectively-picked photos are frequently used to push this narrative.

But by all accounts, the Chiefs star is supremely happy with his wife. He enjoys her way of being and there is really no evidence to the contrary, despite what some of the pair’s critics may hope is the case.

Big picture, it will be interesting to see where the Chiefs go from here. Losing to the Colts on Sunday was bad, but the way it happened was even worse. This standoff between Patrick and Eric Bieniemy was particularly worrisome:

That coupled with the offense not gelling particularly well all day is certainly cause for concern.

This is a long season. That much is clear. Kansas City has lost all of one game so far in 2022. Presuming the Chiefs get back on track next week versus a Tampa Bay Buccaneers squad that was just outplayed by Aaron Rodgers, everyone will move on.

Should Patrick and Co. struggle again, though – then there might be a problem.

Brittany has consistently served as a rock for her beau over the years, and she will need to continue to do so in the midst of this most recent defeat.

Will the NFL’s biggest power couple ultimately reclaim their throne atop the league’s hierarchy with another Super Bowl run?

An answer, one way or the other, will emerge over the next few months.

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