Patrick Mahomes Looks Miserable Partying With Brittany (Photo)

Patrick Mahomes Looks Miserable Partying With Brittany (Photo)

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes married his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, this past offseason.

The move was unsurprising since the pair share a child, but it was the topic of endless speculation and gossip.

One of the main reasons why there was so much intrigue surrounding their union is because there has been a lot of chatter over the past year about the impact Brittany has on her beau’s mental health.

Those talks resurfaced this past week, when a photo of the pair partying emerged that showed Brittany living life while Patrick seemed miserable. The visual largely speaks for itself:

Patrick Mahomes Looks Miserable Partying With Brittany (Photo) 1

Make of that what you will.

A lot of wild pictures of Patrick and Brittany at Coachella have come out over the past few weeks. They seemed to go hard in the paint at the event. Likewise, their racy recent vacation pictures also seem to depict the loving pair having the time of their young lives right now.

Brittany is obviously no stranger to partying. Her racy honeymoon pictures and provocative bachelorette party videos speak for themselves. But it seems like Patrick is now getting in on the fun.

In many ways, Brittany straight up welcomes the headlines. With her racial tweets controversy and the way he has had to fend off talk about her changing body, she has become adept at navigating the nonstop gossip. It’s unclear whether the same is true for Patrick at this juncture, though.

Patrick has a big year ahead of him in the NFL. He has been very blunt about what the loss of wide receiver Tyreek Hill means for his squad’s offensive plan. It’s a big hurdle, both mentally and physically.

At the moment, it feels like the Chiefs quarterback isn’t entirely focused on what 2022-23 holds. He and Brittany are still living it up.

Will that change in the coming weeks and months, as the new season approaches?

Time will tell.

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