Uncovered Videos Spur Patrick Mahomes Mental Health Questions

Uncovered Videos Spur Patrick Mahomes Mental Health Questions

The Kansas City Chiefs came into the 2021-22 NFL season regarded by many as a favorite to win the Super Bowl. Seven games in, they’ve looked like anything but a contender.

Most recently, Kansas City got blown out badly by the Tennessee Titans 27-3. In that game Mahomes threw for 206 yards and an interception while recording zero touchdowns. His 6.0 QBR was a career low and this marked the sixth time in as many outings that he has thrown a pick.

Given Mahomes’ struggles this season, many have taken to wondering what might have led to his regression.

A number of internet sleuths feel they’ve discovered the answer on TikTok.

The videos in question obviously aren’t new, but looking at them through the lens of how this season has gone offers a new perspective on Mahomes situation.

Jackson Mahomes has already been involved in not one, but two controversies. Both football-related. Similarly, Mahomes’ partner, Brittany Mathews, has found her way into the news for various controversies.

Is all of this weighing on the Chiefs star? It’s impossible to know for certain.

According to Adam Teicher of ESPN, Mahomes understands that he is in a rough place right now.

“You can just watch the tape and know that I need to play better in order to have success,” Mahomes said after last week’s loss.

“There were plays where guys were open. There were plays where we had matchups down the field that I didn’t hit that I usually would give those guys opportunities to make plays. I’ve said something to them that I’ve got to be better. At the same time, they have that mindset that they’re going to try to build me up. It’s a thing where you’re not going to play your best game every single game, and that’s when you have to rely on your other guys to kind of step up and make plays for you.”

That said, Mahomes knows he needs to get better.

“It’s just stuff that I’ve always got to work on, and I kind of lose sometimes during the season and have to get better with,” he continued.

“It’s hanging in the pocket, working on my footwork, staying on time, all that stuff like that. You see it kind of get me in certain games every single year, and it’s something I have to go back to and learn from and be better at.

“There were times where I maybe could have stepped and found a soft spot in the pocket where [instead] I kind of got out of there and tried to make something happen. … Whenever we don’t get going as an offense, it’s usually because I’m doing little things like that.”

The season is still relatively young and there’s time for Mahomes to get better. But he needs to start tuning out the distractions.

Will he ultimately be able to do that? Time will tell.

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