Jackson Mahomes Responds To Video Of Him Attacking Ravens Fan (Video)

Jackson Mahomes Responds To Video Of Him Attacking Ravens Fan (Video)

The Baltimore Ravens eked out an impressive 36-35 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night.

Some Chiefs fans handled it better than others.

In a troubling video that began to go viral shortly after the game, quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother, Jackson, could be seen attacking a Ravens fan.

The clip speaks for itself:

When confronted regarding what he had done, Jackson showed zero remorse.

The reactions to Jackson’s petty move were not kind:

Jackson is the world’s most famous completely unknown TikToker. He has built up a following almost entirely based on his brother’s fame but seems to lack the self-awareness to realize that.

The last time he was in the headlines was for trying to and then facing the consequences of stealing another guy’s girlfriend. This time it’s for attacking a fan. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of his ability to generate headlines for non-terrible reasons.

Will Patrick ultimately come out and respond to his brother’s weird antics? He didn’t when his partner Brittany Matthews sparked controversy — so probably not.

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