Jackson Mahomes Mocks Sean Taylor’s Memorial Logo (Video)

Jackson Mahomes Mocks Sean Taylor’s Memorial Logo (Video)

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Washington Football Team 31-13 on Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately, the victory was partially overshadowed by the actions of Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother, Jackson.

On Sunday, the Washington Football Team retired the number of team legend Sean Taylor, who was killed in 2007 while protecting his family from a home burglary.

It marked only the third time in the Washington Football Team’s 89-year history a jersey number was retired.

While everyone else was focused on honoring Taylor, Jackson Mahomes took the opportunity to make a mockery of the whole thing by doing a TikTok dance on Taylor’s Memorial Logo.

For context, Taylor’s Memorial Logo was supposed to be blocked off from any funny business. This photo denotes that rather clearly:

Understandably, fans were not happy.

It’s worth remembering, this isn’t Jackson Mahomes’ first time landing in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

He previously went viral for trying to and embarrassingly failing to steal another guy’s girlfriend. And then of course there was the time he got busted on camera trying to attack a Baltimore Ravens fan.

Just embarrassing stuff, all the way around.

At a certain point, Patrick Mahomes will need to intervene and do something about his younger brother. Because at this point, it’s hard to view the youngster’s actions as anything other than a direct byproduct of the platform handed to him by his big brother.

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