Brittany Mahomes’ Christmas Party Outfit Goes Viral (Photos)

Brittany Mahomes’ Christmas Party Outfit Goes Viral (Photos)

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs have quietly put together a very impressive 2022-23 NFL campaign.

Although the Buffalo Bills are the AFC contender that came into the season with the most hype, it is Kansas City who has been arguably the most consistent team in the conference.

Along the way, Brittany Mahomes has been there to cheer her squad on every step of the way. Not even having a baby has slowed down her constant presence at Chiefs games and ability to root for her boys.

This week, Brittany celebrated Christmas with her beau. Fans at home immediately couldn’t help but notice her choice of outfit for the celebration:

Brittany Mahomes’ Christmas Party Outfit Goes Viral (Photos) 1

Brittany Mahomes’ Christmas Party Outfit Goes Viral (Photos) 2

Brittany is an undeniable star in her own right. Yes, Patrick is the future Hall of Fame quarterback – but she is the rock that keeps him stable. And because of that, she has built up quite the following in her own right.

It doesn’t matter whether it is for her wild choice of outfits at his games, her provocative birthday party antics or her memorable choice of Halloween attire. Anything Brittany does nowadays is front page news.

A lot has been made about how Brittany’s general essence, her unique way of being, contrasts with Patrick’s more methodical and laid back nature. Some have even gone as far as to make the case that she is a detriment to his mental health.

That said, all actual evidence points to the contrary.

Patrick loves his wife dearly. You can see it written all over his face when he is partying with her at Coachella or the pair is getting frisky on a boat together.

More NFL couples should strive for their kind of love. It would likely prevent the sort of mess Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is currently dealing with.

In any event, the Chiefs are marching towards the playoffs in the same expert fashion they do seemingly every year.

Barring something insane happening, Patrick will likely guide his squad to the Conference Title Game – at the minimum.

And Brittany? She will be there to cheer him on every step of the way.

Every year fans expect a new NFL power couple to emerge. And yet every year, Patrick and Brittany reclaim their crown with relative ease instead.

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