Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend Takes Shot At Him In Instagram Post

Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend Takes Shot At Him In Instagram Post

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made headlines earlier this year when he became linked to a woman known as Blu Of Earth.

Although he and Blu never officially announced it, many sources appeared to confirm that the pair was together and she was his girlfriend.

For a while, aside from Blu’s very public beef with Rodgers’ ex-girlfriend Shailene Woodley, everything seemed to be going well. He got a crazy tattoo in her honor. He became more spiritual. Everything seemed solid.

Somewhere along the way, however – it appears as though things fell apart.

The problem seemed to originate with Blu getting stuck in Peru. She revealed to her Instagram followers recently that she has no clue how long she will be forced to stay there without being permitted to leave.

“So we have no idea how long we’re going to be in Cusco (Peru),” she wrote on social media.

“The airports keep pushing back the dates that we can leave. However, something that I’m really really understanding in a whole completely different way is the power of community and the importance of community and taking care of those that are around us and really showing up in support.”

Then she posted what folks, understandably, view as a very real shot at Rodgers:

Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend Takes Shot At Him In Instagram Post 1

The implication that many have taken away from that Instagram Story is that Rodgers has the resources and abilities to help, but hasn’t done so.

Make of that what you will.

If this really is the end of the line for Rodgers and Blu, it’s probably for the best. Given that video she posted and then quickly deleted a few months ago, it’s safe to say she wasn’t the best influence on the easily-impressionable quarterback.

It is no coincidence that a number of very suspicious photos of him seemed to emerge right around that time.

If Rodgers and Blu are on the outs, it would also explain why he celebrated his birthday with a certain young female star who the sports media world absolutely adores.

This has been a lost year for the Packers. The team is 5-8 and hasn’t been able to do much of anything of note.

Maybe in 2023-24, should Rodgers return to the fold, the absence of Blu will ensure a more successful run than what happened when she and Rodgers were together.

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