Suspicious Photos Of Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Emerge

Suspicious Photos Of Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Emerge

Green Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is no stranger to making headlines.

Both on and off the field, the four-time league MVP is consistently a lightning rod for controversy and generating news.

It was more of the same this week.

Rodgers was an American Century Championship Celebrity Gold Tournament participant at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course, and recent photos left some fans scratching their heads.

At first glance, the images are fairly innocuous:

But when you zoom in, it’s hard not to notice certain things about the photos. Namely, the way Rodgers’ eyes look in them.

Suspicious Photos Of Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Emerge 1 Suspicious Photos Of Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Emerge 2

Naturally, folks had some reactions:

This has been something of an eventful few months for Rodgers.

Between his weird new tattoo going viral and the unfortunate video that his alleged ‘witch’ girlfriend posted before quickly deleting – it has been one thing after another.

Beyond that, Shailene Woodley’s recent cryptic post regarding her break-up with Rodgers has led to a lot of analysis of that failed relationship.

And that’s to say nothing of Rodgers’ on-the-field woes. He did just lose his best target this offseason to the Las Vegas Raiders. Davante Adams wasn’t particularly shy after the fact in revealing why he wanted off the Packers.

Rodgers is an immensely talented quarterback and with him Green Bay is always in the hunt for a Super Bowl. That said – it’s hard not to feel like the team’s roster heading into 2022-23 will be worse than last season’s. And they couldn’t even win a title last year.

If Rodgers somehow shocks the world next year and wins a championship, all of his off-the-field weirdness will be forgotten and forgiven. But if he doesn’t, inevitably it’s going to start negatively impacting his legacy.

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