Aaron Rodgers’ Ex Shailene Woodley Feuding With His New GF?

Aaron Rodgers’ Ex Shailene Woodley Feuding With His New GF?

Aaron Rodgers has been in the headlines nonstop over the past few months, and that doesn’t look like it will be changing any time soon.

On the field, the Green Bay Packers quarterback is trying to find his rhythm with a significantly less impressive wide receiver group than he has grown accustomed to. That has culminated in his squad going 3-2 over their first five outings, good for second place in a division they once owned.

Off the field, Rodgers is facing an even spicier fate.

Much has been made over the past year about his past relationship with actress Shailene Woodley and his current one with a presumed witch. Well, now those two worlds appear to be colliding.

According to SideAction, a little feud appears to be brewing between Rodgers’ ex-love and his current one.

“Shailene has been a long time supporter of the Native American Culture,” the report read.

“Blu, who may or may not identify as a witch, took time over the weekend to get her dreads done complete with feathers. Blu was spotted wearing a Native American headdress while living in up at Burning Man.”

Woodley, apparently, is not a fan of that and views it as cultural appropriation. This led to some perceived shots being thrown on social media and in interviews.


None of this should come as a surprise, though. Between Woodley’s emotional message about Rodgers some time ago and the general messy nature of their relationship – all of this is kind of par for the course.

Starting with the (maybe) shady way they originally hooked up and ending with Woodley reportedly trying to get over Rodgers by locking lips with an A-list Hollywood actress, this whole thing has been kind of a roller coaster ride.

And Rodgers, for his part, seems pretty content with his new lady. Aside from that one time when she posted and then immediately deleted a video that clearly wasn’t meant for public consumption, the pair has looked relatively solid.

It will be interesting to see how this situation progresses from here.

Will a weird three-way love triangle become a thing between Rodgers, Woodley and Blu?

Or will all parties involved move forward and past this in a mature and balanced way?

Time will tell.

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