Shailene Woodley Made Out With Actress After Dumping Aaron Rodgers?

Shailene Woodley Made Out With Actress After Dumping Aaron Rodgers?

The whirlwind romance between actress Shailene Woodley and quarterback Aaron Rodgers appears to have come to an end.

After several years and many headlines, Woodley and Rodgers seemingly called it quits last month. Coincidentally enough, it came shortly after the Packers quarterback was spotted out and about with Milwaukee Bucks heiress Mallory Eden.

This week, a new development bubbled to the surface.

Apparently, Woodley was spotted recently getting over Rodgers by making out with a very notable A-List actress.

According to, Woodley “was spotted on a date with actress Cara Delevingne” recently. Not only that, but “the two were on an apparent date, and at some point Shailene and Cara were allegedly seen making out.”

That is quite the update.

Over the past week and change Woodley has responded to her breakup with Rodgers in a very public way. In that respect, it’s unsurprising that she would opt to move on in equally public fashion.

Back in March, Rodgers and Woodley appeared to reunite after a much reported-on split. For obvious reasons, many were surprised by that given Woodley’s quite reasonable logic for wanting to break up and the severity to which her friends hated Rodgers.

Then in April, things fell apart once more.

As race car legend and Rodgers’ ex-girlfriend Danica Patrick alluded to in her response to Rodgers and Woodley’s last drama: something just seems off about this pair.

It’s had to envision them ever getting on the same page enough to make things work. Especially after everything that has happened as of late.

Would Woodley and Delevingne make a better couple? It’s impossible to say for certain.

But based on recent history, clearly Woodley and Rodgers cannot work. So at this juncture, just about any pairing would be better than theirs.

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