Why Shailene Woodley’s Friends Hate Packers’ Aaron Rodgers

Why Shailene Woodley’s Friends Hate Packers’ Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley have had quite the whirlwind romance as of late.

Starting with what many view as a shady beginning to their relationship and running through the last few months of breakups and makeups, the pair has been in the headlines nonstop.

At one point in late February it looked like Rodgers and Woodley were done for good, when one major issue seemingly derailed their once-promising union. At the time, many assumed they were done for good. But then something changed.

These days, Rodgers and Woodley appear to be back together. And not everyone is happy about that.

Apparently, Woodley’s friends aren’t particularly big fans of Rodgers.

“[Woodley’s] friends are not fond of her on again off again ex fiance..they feel he has manipulated her into abandoning her close ties and some family. He wants all the attention from her,” a tipster told

“They’ve all warned her that once he goes back to [Green Bay] he’ll ignore her again. She has no desire to live there again..unlike his previous girlfriends that dropped everything and relocated to WI at his demands…but he convinced her to take him back promising he’ll change to which her people say enough is enough.”


Many curious observers will watch where things go from here with bated breath. Danica Patrick’s response to their split seemed to reflect public opinion to some degree. And this only adds more fuel to that fire.

Clearly the drama surrounding Rodgers and Woodley isn’t stopping any time soon.

It’s as much a part of the DNA of their relationship as their celebrity.

Will Rodgers and Woodley be able to prove the doubters wrong, stay together and go on to live the happy and healthy lives many apparently don’t believe they can?

Time will tell.

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