Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley Broke Up Over 1 Major Issue

Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley Broke Up Over 1 Major Issue

News of Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley’s break-up this past week sent shockwaves throughout the NFL community.

The pair had been closely linked ever since their engagement was announced when Rodgers was presented with last year’s MVP award – so their abrupt separation caught many off guard.

As it turns out, after a tumultuous year, circumstances started taking their toll on both Rodgers and Woodley.

In the end, one major factor ended up causing an irreparable rift.

According to TMZ, Rodgers began getting cold feet and started disregarding his partner.

“Woodley was nothing but supportive of Rodgers as he faced criticism during his COVID-19 vaccine drama back in November … but talks of a split escalated back in December. Word is Rodgers was getting “cold feet” and prioritized his football career … with the report adding Woodley felt ‘neglected’ during the relationship.”

The real reason for Rodgers and Woodley’s decision to go their separate ways has been whispered about for days, but this is the first time it is being publicly acknowledged. Beyond that, the jealousy woes that followed Rodgers and Woodley with increasing incidence coupled with the growing anxiety surrounding their personal opinions made a for a profoundly unnerving dynamic.

Beginning with how Rodgers and Woodley became engaged in the strangest way imaginable, taking into account the (perhaps questionable) origins of their bond and factoring in all the weird stuff that they have come to be defined by – it has been one controversy after another for this duo.

Maybe it’s for the best they are going their separate ways.

Now Rodgers can focus on being arguably the most gifted quarterback in the game. And Woodley, well, now she can go back to being the middling actress she has been for the last few years.

As for the nation – perhaps it can now focus on more important things that the romantic dalliances of the Green Bay Packers starting quarterback.

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