Did Shailene Woodley Just Break Up With Packers’ Aaron Rodgers?

Did Shailene Woodley Just Break Up With Packers’ Aaron Rodgers?

The whirlwind romance between Shailene Woodley and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been unorthodox from the jump.

Woodley and Rodgers’ union formed under questionable circumstances, was announced publicly rather abruptly and has garnered some mixed reactions over the past few months.

Despite all that, the pair consistently held strong in the face of overwhelming public scrutiny.

Unfortunately, it appears as though they finally experienced one too many bumps in the road.

According to Suggest, rumors are currently running rampant that Woodley and Rodgers have called it quits. What happened? Well, apparently Woodley “says Aaron is just too jealous and controlling for it to ever work.”

Moreover, the A-list actress allegedly “turned to the stars for guidance and decided she and Rodgers weren’t ‘cosmically compatible.’”

Jealously, it would appear, is the reoccurring theme here.

“Anyone who knows Shailene knows she speaks her mind,” one insider suggested. “She’s sorry it didn’t work out, but she can’t be with someone who tries to cage her. She made a decision to make the change, and it’s over now.”

Specifically, Woodley’s friendships with other men might have been problematic for Rodgers.

“Aaron started making a big deal out of Shailene having guy friends, even though those relationships were totally platonic,” an insider added.

Given the rumors that floated around about how Woodley and Rodgers ended up together to begin with, it’s easy to see why the topic of infidelity would be relevant.

There have been a lot of odd reports about Woodley and Rodgers lately. Everything ranging from the one topic they refuse to talk about to her reaction to him becoming more politically vocal. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

An official announcement one way or the other on Woodley and Rodgers’ relationship feels inevitable.

When will it actually come, though? Time will tell.

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