Michael Jordan’s Superb Hand Placement In Mary J. Blige Photo

Michael Jordan’s Superb Hand Placement In Mary J. Blige Photo

Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest player in NBA history.

That said, while everyone acknowledges him as such, the league as a whole doesn’t do a ton to officially recognize Jordan. The NBA logo remains Jerry West, for example.

Yes, the league is moving to honor Jordan with the MVP award going forward, but that is a brand new thing.

Earlier this year, the NBA revealed its 75 greatest players of all time and honored them at the All-Star Game.

Many expected Jordan to no-show at the event because he had a racing thing that same day, but he surprised everyone by showing up.

Understandably, athletes and entertainers alike couldn’t wait to get a photo with him. One of Jordan’s most memorable pictures came with singer Mary J. Blige.

The image in question largely speaks for itself:

NBA Twitter is a vocal group. Nobody is safe from their biting tweets. Not even the consensus GOAT.

Reactions to that photo poured in immediately:

Jordan having this sort of swagger is unsurprising. This is the same guy who defeated his Charlotte Hornets starters at age 47. It is the same man who knows and can explain precisely how he would beat Stephen Curry in a 1-on-1.

Plus, he has always had a certain charm with the ladies.

Who could forget the epic 6-word pickup line he taught Tiger Woods?

Jordan is a one of a kind character both and off the court.

His handsy photo with Blige is just another reminder of that.

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