Baseball Fan Goes Viral During SEC Tournament (Video)

Baseball Fan Goes Viral During SEC Tournament (Video)

This year’s SEC Baseball Tournament has been full of twists and turns up to this point.

One of the biggest shockers thus far has been No. 5 Auburn going down in flames to No. 12 Kentucky in the first round. You’d imagine after that every Tigers fan would pack up their toys and leave – but no.

This week, one enterprising Auburn fan immediately went viral when he explained why he opted to don Tennessee colors.

His explanation largely speaks for itself:

For obvious reasons, the reactions poured in immediately:

Incredible stuff, all the way around.

For a sport that often gets outshined by basketball and football on social media, baseball is really having a moment over the past few weeks.

Between the one guy who opted to grab his lady’s butt in full view of ESPN cameras and the bold New York Mets pitcher who decided to spit game at a Sports Illustrated model – it has just been one thing after another.

America’s pastime is making quite the comeback.

What will baseball go viral for next?

Time will tell.

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