ESPN Shows Guy Grabbing GF’s Butt On Sunday Night Baseball (Video)

ESPN Shows Guy Grabbing GF’s Butt On Sunday Night Baseball (Video)

This week’s Sunday Night Baseball showdown on ESPN featured a showdown between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox.

The White Sox ultimately prevailed easily in the outing, capturing a 5-0 victory in a relatively unmemorable showing all the way around.

Fortunately, not everything about the night was boring.

At one point ESPN’s cameras opted to pan around and show the fans in the stands. During that sequence, eagle-eyed observers couldn’t help but notice something. The video largely speaks for itself:

As do the reactions:

This isn’t the first time ESPN has found itself in the news for this type of thing. The Worldwide Leader in Sports has been all about the butt as of late.

You will recall, during March Madness a couple of months back, one cameraman simply could not stop zooming in on a cheerleader’s rear end.

It was weird.

In that vein, this is just par for the course.

What sort of kooky antics will Sunday Night Baseball feature next week? An answer should emerge in just a few days.

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