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Another SEC Powerhouse Out Of Arch Manning Sweepstakes

Another SEC Powerhouse Out Of Arch Manning Sweepstakes

The Arch Manning Sweepstakes have been a hot topic of conversation in high school football. For obvious reasons, the chatter and speculation regarding where the youngster will go to college has been the hottest story in recruiting over the past year.

That said, it appears as though things are winding down.

As recently as last month three programs were viewed as the favorites for Arch’s services.

This week, three suitors turned to two.

On Tuesday, Eli Holstein of Zachary High School announced that he was committing to Alabama.

It is very unlikely that the eighth best quarterback in the 2023 class would commit to the Crimson Tide without assurances that the program wasn’t going to subsequently go hard after Arch.

Surely enough, as soon as the announcement was made, numerous insiders acknowledged that the heir apparent to the Manning throne was unlikely to go to Alabama now.

In fact, according to  On3’s Recruiting Prediction Machine, the Crimson Tide’s chances of landing Arch are now at just 1.2 percent.

Another SEC Powerhouse Out Of Arch Manning Sweepstakes 1

One way or another, wherever Arch ends up going, it feels like the end point of this process is nigh. Mercifully, the incessant conversations and hysteria surrounding the youngster are coming to an end.

And make no mistake about it – it has been absolute hysteria.

There is a reason why him giving some random blonde a half-hearted commitment to her school in bed went mega-viral. People have lost their minds.

Where will Arch ultimately end up going to school when it’s all said and done?

Time will tell.

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