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3 Schools Emerge As Serious Frontrunners For Arch Manning

3 Schools Emerge As Serious Frontrunners For Arch Manning

Arch Manning is the most sought-after high school prospect in the nation. His looming decision on which university he will ultimately attend is being viewed by the college football community as a program-altering event that will have massive ramifications for entire conferences.

To date, Arch has kept his decision-making close to the vest. He has expressed interest in several schools, but has come short of actually favoring any.

In fact, as close as the youngster has ever come to actually committing up until this point is that one time he randomly got recorded giving some unnamed blonde a commitment in bed. But that was it.

No other slip-ups before or after.

This week, a report emerged suggesting that although Arch was open to many programs – three have a clear advantage over the others.

“There has been no eliminating of teams,” a source informed On3. “There’s been no ‘This is my top six, top five, four, three, two or one.’ There are no top schools. No one has been eliminated. But it’s becoming clear that Georgia, Texas and Alabama – the three schools he just returned to again – are the schools he’s mulling over. And he’s expected to eventually choose from one of these three schools.”

Although that report suggests Arch hasn’t removed any programs from the running, one from last month said differently. A recent multiple-time champ has reportedly blown its shot at Arch with its current dysfunctional state. Beyond that everyone else still seems very much in the running, though.

A dark horse candidate also seems to be hovering in the background, going largely unnoticed.

Last season Arch put up 1,913 yards and 26 touchdowns through the air over the course of 10 outings. Aside from that, he also contributed 381 yards and six touchdowns on the ground.

Clearly many programs view Arch as a generational talent capable of changing the fortunes of their programs long-term.

Who will ultimately get the talented youngster? Time will tell.

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