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Arch Manning Removes 1 School From College Consideration

Arch Manning Removes 1 School From College Consideration

Arch Manning is the top-rated high school quarterback prospect in the nation, and the most sought-after recruit in the entire country.

The last time there was this much hype surrounding someone this young was when LeBron James was still in school.

How big of a deal is Arch’s collegiate recruitment? Him giving some unnamed blonde a promise to a university in bed went mega-viral. That is how insane the proceedings have become.

This week, a new bit of information regarding Arch’s future leaked out. Apparently, there is one school that is officially off his radar.

According to college football insider Steve Wiltfong, Arch has reportedly removed Clemson from consideration.

“Manning is currently playing basketball and did not take any visits in January,” he wrote. “There is evidence he is also narrowing his list recently removing Clemson, another program he visited twice from consideration.”

Given Clemson’s fall from grace last year, this isn’t a particularly surprising development.

At this point it feels like two or so schools are truly in the hunt for Arch’s services – with one dark horse recently elbowing its way into the equation. There is one obvious frontrunner, but clearly anything can happen between now and decision day.

This past year Arch threw for 1,913 yards and 26 scores in 10 games. Beyond that, he also amassed 381 yards and six scores on the ground.

The talent is there, and it is undeniable.

Who will ultimately win the Arch Manning Sweepstakes when it’s all said and done? It’s impossible to say for certain. But there’s one school who definitely won’t, and that’s Clemson.

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