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Are The Cowboys Firing Jason Garrett, Hiring Lincoln Riley?

Are The Cowboys Firing Jason Garrett, Hiring Lincoln Riley?

Are The Cowboys Firing Jason Garrett, Hiring Lincoln Riley?

Are the Dallas Cowboys firing Jason Garrett, hiring Lincoln Riley?

That is the question Dallas football fans are asking on the heels of two consecutive Cowboys losses.

After starting the year off in impressive fashion, Jerry Jones’ team now sits at 3-2 on the season – with head coach Jason Garrett’s seat getting hotter with each passing week.

The Cowboys were essentially able to pad their record early in the season, and as a result may have pushed expectations to something of an unrealistic point.

Dallas started the year off with wins against an Eli Manning-led New York Giants team, a dysfunctional Washington Redskins group, and the hapless Miami Dolphins.

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When forced to play two legitimate teams in the Drew Brees-less New Orleans Saints and the Aaron Rodgers-led Green Bay Packers, they floundered.

Given the fact that Garrett is currently a lame duck coach with his future very seriously in doubt, Jones was asked this week about whether he may be looking to make a change.

While appearing on 105.3 The FAN, Jones was informed that odds makers had Garrett pegged as one of the likelier options to be fired at some point this season.

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“Don’t bet any money on that happening,” Jones replied.

“You’ll lose it.”

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While Garrett no doubt appreciates the temporary reprieve, it does not change the fact that Jones will likely be looking to replace him if things don’t change.

One possible option?

Oklahoma head coach, Lincoln Riley.

Riley has become known as something of a quarterback whisperer in college football, and many are salivating at the prospect of seeing what he could do with a young talent like Dak Prescott.

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Earlier this week, Riley made it clear that he had no interesting in leaving Oklahoma for the newly available Washington Redskins job.

“That job would not be a consideration for him if he were to even have eyes for the league,” Benjamin Allbright reported on Monday.

While Riley may not have any interest in working with Dan Synder, for obvious reasons, the Cowboys job would be far more exciting of an opportunity.

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After what is essentially a bye week this weekend when they play the New York Jets, Dallas will have games against the Philadelphia Eagles, Daniel Jones-led Giants, Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Rams and Eagles (again) one after another.

They could conceivably lose all those outings.

If the Cowboys finish this year outside the playoff race, or even make it into the postseason and then lose in the first round, Jones will almost certainly make a change at head coach.

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And given Jones’ love for big name and splashy hires, someone like Riley would be right up his alley.

Stay tuned and pay attention to the goings on in Dallas, because we could be in for a wild ride if Garrett does not figure out a way to right the ship – quickly.

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