Dak Prescott Gets Brutally Honest After Cowboys Are Exposed By Packers

Dak Prescott Gets Brutally Honest After Cowboys Are Exposed By Packers

Dak Prescott Gets Brutally Honest After Cowboys Are Exposed By Packers

Dak Prescott got brutally honest after the Cowboys were exposed by the Packers on Sunday.

Prescott, who has had a pretty solid year up to this point, recorded a miserable performance in his team’s 34-24 defeat at the hands of Green Bay.

Despite starting the year undefeated, the Cowboys now sit 3-2 on the season after losses in consecutive weeks to the New Orleans Saints and Packers.

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In the most recent Packers defeat, Prescott finished with 463 yards, two touchdowns and three picks on 27-for-44 passing.

It was by far Prescott’s worst performance of the season, and his final interception of the game essentially sealed the win for Green Bay.

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After the game, Prescott got brutally honest about his performance.

“I had three interceptions,” he said.

“I don’t care how many yards I had or anything else like that. I had three interceptions and a loss.

“None of that matters.”

Prescott has not thrown three interceptions in a single game since a 2017 outing versus the Philadelphia Eagles.

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On one particular pick early in the second quarter, Prescott opted to throw into double coverage – something the Packers secondary made him pay for.

“I fit a throw in there that I had no business throwing,” he said.

“And cornerback Chandon Sullivan stepped in front of it.”

Next up for Prescott and the Cowboys will be a game against the hapless New York Jets.

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  1. The problem is Dak Prescott sucks and he’s overrated that’s why they got their butts kicked by the Green Bay

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