Is Mike Tomlin Leaving Steelers For Redskins?

Is Mike Tomlin Leaving Steelers For Redskins?

Is Mike Tomlin Leaving Steelers For Redskins?

Is Mike Tomlin leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers for the Washington Redskins?

That is the question NFL fans are asking on Monday morning after Washington abruptly fired Jay Gruden.

According to two separate reports, there is a very real possibility that the Redskins will attempt to lure Tomlin away from Pittsburgh by offering him a deal similar to the one that the Oakland Raiders gave Jon Gruden.

While appearing on ESPN’s First Take this week, Stephen A. Smith suggested that a marriage between Tomlin and Washington could make a lot of sense for all parties involved.

“I don’t want this to happen because I’m a Steelers fan and I love Mike Tomlin,” Smith began.

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“But I’m not gonna lie to you – I get upset when I see some of the things that are happening to Mike Tomlin…

“It wouldn’t bother me at all if Mike Tomlin departed from the Pittsburgh Steelers to get head coach as well as control of football operations like a Jon Gruden (10-year, $110 million) deal…”

Smith is not the first person to suggest a deal like this between the Redskins and Tomlin.

CBS Sports NFL analyst Jason La Canfora also said something similar regarding Tomlin and Washington coming together.

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“I firmly believe that Dan Snyder’s primary objective in his next coaching hire will be to find a way to acquire Mike Tomlin from the Steelers,” he tweeted out.

“We’ll see how feasible that may be.”

The Steelers lost a close game to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday 26-23 after backup-turned-starter Mason Rudolph was knocked out of the game.

Rudolph was the victim of a brutal shot from Earl Thomas and seemed to lose consciousness as he was falling to the ground.

Prior to the injury, Rudolph was 13 of 20 passing for 131 yards and a touchdown.

Backup Devlin Hodges replaced  Rudolph and went seven of nine for 68 yards and added a 21 yard scramble.

The Steelers are now 1-4 and appear poised to see their first losing season under Tomlin’s reign.

Given the success he has had with the franchise, it his highly unlikely that Tomlin will be fired – regardless of what record the team finishes with.

Tomlin’s resume and all the injuries Pittsburgh has sustained thus far this season has earned him that respect.

But if Tomlin decides to leave on his own, do not be surprised if he lands in Washington.

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  1. Let Tomlin Go!!! I have never been a fan of his since the day they announced him as coach and I think anyone that thinks he has/is doing a good job is an idiot.

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