Antonio Brown Shares Intimate Gisele Bundchen Photos Amid Cheating Rumors

Antonio Brown Shares Intimate Gisele Bundchen Photos Amid Cheating Rumors

Antonio Brown found himself at a crossroads in 2019. He had just botched two consecutive opportunities with the Pittsburgh Steelers and then-Oakland Raiders, and he looked to be on his way out of the NFL.

Just when it seemed like Brown’s playing career was on the verge of being over, Tom Brady stepped forward and helped him land an opportunity with the New England Patriots.

After he messed that up as well, Brady then once again vouched for him and helped him land a spot with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

For whatever reason, though – Brown would come to hate Brady. He publicly disparaged him, leaked their private text messages, and repeatedly taunted him.

This week, it came out that Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bundchen may have cheated on him. Recently released photos and videos seem to support the claim.

How did Brown opt to respond? By mocking Brady and then posting some intimate photos of himself with Bundchen:

Amazingly enough, these photos are actually pretty tame by Brown’s standards. After all, this is a guy who once published photos of Bundchen with no clothes on.

That being said, clearly Brown is a very troubled individual.

And his weird, one-sided feud with Brady is deeply puzzling given their history.

Folks had some strong reactions:

Thus far, Brady has never responded to Brown’s provocations.

It is hard to see that changing any time soon, regardless of how low Brown goes.

Still, it can’t be easy to see.

Will Brady and Brown ever have to publicly cross paths again? Time will tell.

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