Bucks’ Damian Lillard On Why He Is Bored Out Of His Mind In Milwaukee

Bucks’ Damian Lillard On Why He Is Bored Out Of His Mind In Milwaukee

Damian Lillard was traded from the Portland Trail Blazers to the Milwaukee Bucks this past offseason.

In addition to that, he and his longtime wife decided to divorce. The proceedings have been extremely messy up to this point, with Lillard’s soon-to-be ex-wife making some pretty brutal allegations against him.

Between his personal life being in disarray and him not getting his wish of being traded to the Miami Heat, 2024 has been a rough year for Lillard.

Recently, Lillard was quizzed on what precisely he is doing in his new city.

“Bro, go to practice, go home, watch boxing, play video games,” Lillard told Sports Illustrated regarding his current schedule.

“Man, I type in [boxing website] FightHype on YouTube 100 times and be praying for something new to be on there. Seriously, I don’t have much of a life. But that’s what comes with making a big boy decision. You got to be down for that and figure it out.”

Lillard went so far as to describe his time in Milwaukee as ‘lonely’ as well.

“It’s definitely lonely because I’m such a family guy,” he said.

“My life is my family. After games, I would come out and my whole family would be back there. My kids coming out of the playroom. My mom, my brother, my cousins lived there, you know what I mean? My best friends live in Portland. So I would come out, we would go to dinner. They might come to my house.

“After practice, I might go to my mom’s house and just chill. That’s how my life was. So, I mean, I’m fine because I’m grown. But it’s definitely lonely. I’m filled up by those people.”

Again, Lillard has had a rough year up to this point. Will he be able to win a championship this season to make the sacrifices he made over the past 12 months worth it? Time will tell.

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