Damian Lillard Gets Brutally Honest About His Messy Divorce

Damian Lillard Gets Brutally Honest About His Messy Divorce

Damian Lillard getting traded to the Milwaukee Bucks after spending his entire career with the Portland Trail Blazers wasn’t the biggest thing that happened to him last summer.

Rather, it was splitting up with his college sweetheart Kay’La Lillard, with whom he shares three children.

As if a divorce in itself isn’t difficult enough, the details coming out of the breakup have been extremely messy. Between the 2 brutal demands he made of Kay’La, the way she exposed him for being fake, and the real reason for their split, it has just been one issue after another.

This week Lillard finally spoke out on what he has been dealing with over the last few months.

“As much as I love basketball, and I love my job, I don’t care about it more than I care about my kids. Of course you carry it with you,” Lillard told Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports.

“People say, ‘When I hoop I ain’t thinking about nothing,’ but I’m not 21. I got three kids. I’m tight with my family and I’m going through a divorce.”

Lillard didn’t hold back when talking about the impact getting traded and divorced roughly around the same time had on him.

“[I did] stuff that wouldn’t make me feel overwhelmed. It can be because we all got feelings,” he continued.

“We all have stuff we really care about, near and dear to our heart. I’m happy I’m a stable person, I got solid people around me. “It’s probably been the hardest transition in my life, all things considered.”

Divorce is hard. And it can definitely be understood why Lillard has been slow to warm up to Milwaukee as a result of everything going on in his personal life.

That said – the Bucks brought him in to win a championship. And as made clear by the big-name superstar they are trying to add ahead of the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline, the organization is really pushing all its chips to the center of the table right now.

It is championship or bust campaign for them.

Will Lillard be able to win a championship this season and turn the hardest year of his life into his most triumphant one? Time will tell.

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