Damian Lillard’s 2 Demands For Wife Kay’La Amid Divorce

Damian Lillard’s 2 Demands For Wife Kay'La Amid Divorce

Damian Lillard filed for divorce from his wife, Kay’La, this month right around the time he was traded from the Portland Trail Blazers to the Milwaukee Bucks.

It was a surprising move to many, given that the two were college sweethearts, but it didn’t take long for the real reason for the split to emerge.

In the days since the divorce filing, things have already gotten pretty ugly.

This week was no different.

According to legal documents obtained by Radar Online, Damian has two very clear demands for Kay’La as part of the separation.

The first is that she pay her own legal fees.

“The docs make it clear — they are on their own regarding attorney fees, UNLESS one of them fights the prenup. If Kay’La decides to contest their agreement, Damian wants her to pay his legal fees,” Radar Online noted.

The second is that she drop his last name.

Theoretically the presence of a prenup should make things easier. But it is already becoming apparent that is not in fact the case.

Even though the pair inked “an ironclad prenup was signed just days before they walked down the aisle,” it remains to be seen if Kay’La opts to fight it in any capacity.

As noted by Radar Online, the couple’s real estate has already become a hot-button issue in the separation.

“As this outlet reported, Kay’La has been living in a separate home for 10 months,” the report noted.

“Damian tried to offload the property in April 2022 but abruptly pulled it off the market in June — just six months before his estranged wife made it her permanent residence.”

It will be interesting to see where everyone involved goes from here.

Will Damian and Kay’La be able to find enough common ground to avoid making this entire uncomfortable ordeal messier than it has to be? Time will tell.

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