Damian Lillard’s Wife Kay’La Exposes Bucks Star’s Fake Image Amid Divorce

Damian Lillard’s Wife Kay’La Exposes Bucks Star’s Fake Image Amid Divorce

Damian Lillard’s ongoing divorce from his estranged wife, Kay’La, took an ugly turn this week.

Earlier this month, two big things in Lillard’s life changed. First, he was traded by the Portland Trail Blazers to the Milwaukee Bucks in a three-team deal. Shortly thereafter, reports surfaced that he and his wife, with whom he was college sweethearts, were splitting up.

It didn’t long for the real reason for the pair’s divorce to emerge. Likewise, slowly but surely little details from the process began to leak out. Among them, Lillard’s two main demands of Kay’La as part of the split.

This week, court documents obtained by Radar Online revealed that Kay’La was exposing Lillard as a fake family man as part of her filing.


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“Father has never been the sole parent responsible for the care of all three of our children, for any hours-long period of time without the help of nannies, assistants, and/or family members,” Kay’La revealed.

“I have been the primary parent for our three children since their birth,” she added.

As a result, Kay’La is seeking sole custody of the children. Lillard, for his part, does not seem like he will contest that request. He seems satisfied with just visitation rights.

Big picture, it will be interesting to see how this entire sordid situation ultimately influences Lillard’s inaugural campaign with the Bucks. Obviously everyone is really hyped for it. Bucks heiress, Mallory Edens, is practically jumping out of her clothes with excitement over it.

But divorces are tough on people mentally. Especially when the splits involve folks who have been together for a while.

Will Lillard’s divorce from Kay’La and all the details that inevitably seep out because of it adversely impact the Bucks’ championship hopes in 2023-24? Time will tell.

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