Tom Brady’s Reps Call Out Gisele Bundchen For Cheating On Him

Tom Brady’s Reps Call Out Gisele Bundchen For Cheating On Him

Tom Brady’s somewhat amicable divorce from Gisele Bundchen took a turn this week.

It all started when Bundchen was filmed kissing and getting handsy with Joaquim Valente. Brady saw the clips and responded publicly shortly thereafter.

With her new relationship getting outed, Bundchen seemingly went on the offensive.

“They have been dating since June. They’re taking it slow. They started out as great friends first. She’s very private about this and wanted to keep it quiet while they got to know each other,” a source told PEOPLE Magazine.

Brady’s reps, apparently, took issue with that timeline.

“Bündchen [says she] didn’t start dating Joaquim Valente until June 2023, but apparently Tom Brady isn’t buying what she’s selling. Multiple sources connected to Tom tell TMZ … the former QB believes G&J started dating long before that. As one source put it, ‘They should add 2021 after June. Then the headline would be accurate.’”

The problem there? Brady and Bundchen didn’t officially divorce until until October of 2022. If Brady’s reps allege that a relationship took place in June of 2021, they are accusing Bundchen of cheating.

Brady’s people didn’t stop there, though.

“When they announced divorce in October 2022, Gisele fled to Costa Rica for 2 months. Joaquim flew there with her for 2 months. She takes her jiu-jitsu training seriously. LOL,” another source told TMZ.

This whole situation is getting messy in a hurry – and understandably so.

Brady caught a lot of heat for the divorce initially. He was accused of causing the split with his poor performance in the bedroom and purported mistreatment of Bundchen.

Given how this Valente thing is shaking out, though – Brady comes out looking a lot better.

He deserves a victory lap.

It will be interesting to see if Brady’s strong stance on this matter ultimately elicits a response from Bundchen.

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