Antonio Brown Leaks More Tom Brady Texts After Gisele Fiasco

Antonio Brown Leaks More Tom Brady Texts After Gisele Fiasco

Antonio Brown’s abrupt exit from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in early 2022 also signaled the end of his friendship with Tom Brady.

Once upon a time, Brady gave Brown’s career new life. When he was persona non grata in the league following a botched run with the then-Oakland Raiders, it was the New England Patriots – at Brady’s urging – who gave Brown another shot.

Even after Brown subsequently messed up that opportunity, Brady then found him fresh work when he joined the Bucs.

Apparently, for whatever reason, that hasn’t brought Brady any goodwill in Brown’s book.

Over the past few months Brown has been bashing Brady nonstop, culminating in one particularly egregious incident where he posted a clearly doctored photo of Gisele Bundchen wearing no clothes.

Since then, Brown has periodically been leaking old messages from Brady in an apparent attempt to make his former quarterback look bad. He continued this week, posting this old text from Brady:

It is unclear what Brown thinks he is accomplishing here. If anything, he is making Brady look like a great friend and good person.

Brown, conversely, looks like a pretty terrible human being.

Then again, none of this should really come as much of a surprise. Brown is the same man who disappointed an Instagram model in bed, has had countless troubling DMs leak and constantly finds himself embroiled in some kind of female drama.

The dude has serious issues.

If anything, Brady’s cardinal sin was giving this guy fresh life. If anything, he should have let him be blacklisted – as he inevitably would have been – as soon as the Raiders thing fell apart.

Brady is going through some tough times right now. The Buccaneers can’t win a game. His alleged girlfriend, as it turns out, is married – to another athlete no less. He is in the midst of numerous personal and professional difficulties.

The last thing he needs at the moment is Brown’s antics as the cherry on top.

Hopefully at some point in the foreseeable future Brown finds a new set of ants to burn with his magnifying glass and stops focusing so much of his ire on Brady.

If past is prologue, though – he will likely continue to torment his former teammate for a little while longer.

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