Derrick Rose Gifts Wife, Baby Mama Wild Christmas Outfits (Photos)

Derrick Rose Gifts Wife, Baby Mama Wild Christmas Outfits (Photos)

Derrick Rose’s season with the New York Knicks hasn’t gone according to plan, but things appear to be progressing well for him in his personal life.

Although Rose is relatively mild-mannered in his public affairs, he has a uniquely interesting home situation that many NBA fans aren’t fully aware of.

The fact that Rose has both a wife and a baby mama in itself is not unique. Many both inside and outside of the sports world have a similar arrangement.

Rather, what makes Rose’s situation unique is that both his wife, Alaina, and baby mama, Mieka, have a really good relationship. That dynamic was on full display recently, when the blended family had themselves a little Christmas party.

The highlight of the schindig? The wild Christmas outfits Rose gifted the two lovely ladies in his life:

Both Alaina and Mieka are quite notable in the general cultural zeitgeist.

The former boasts more than 343,000 followers and routinely blows up for posts like this:

The latter, meanwhile, has nearly 440,000 followers and regularly sets the internet ablaze with content of this nature

Alaina, in particular, is also well-known to NBA fans for her memorable reaction to the rumors linking her beau to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Off-the-court happenings not withstanding, Rose came into this season having made one big change over the summer. The hope was that it would allow him to have a more successful and healthy season, but to date – he hasn’t quite found his stride with the Knicks.

As recently as last week he was linked to a particularly big trade. It will be interesting to see if anything materializes on that front.

In any case, Rose seems to be doing well enough in life when it comes to his familial relationships where his basketball successes and failures no longer define him.

That is something all athletes strive for.

As far as his NBA career, Rose’s legacy is etched in stone. Ja Morant’s recent comments on the matter are evidence enough of that.

Anything he accomplishes from this point forward will just be icing on the cake.

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