Andre Drummond’s 2-Word Answer On Where He’ll Play Next Year

Andre Drummond’s 2-Word Answer On Where He’ll Play Next Year

The Los Angeles Lakers added Andre Drummond in the second half of last season after he was bought out by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The move was initially viewed as a big one. Many quickly began calling the defending champs the clear frontrunners to repeat once again. Montrezl Harrell’s reaction, specifically, went viral and represented the way a lot of folks felt.

Unfortunately, Drummond couldn’t quite deliver on the hype. Despite sort of living up to his reputation as a double-double machine, the production he brought to the table was largely inconsequential. It was stat-padding, not meaningful in any real capacity.

Once the season ended, the obvious question that began floating around Lakers circles was: what happens to Drummond now?

On Friday, fans may have gotten a bit of a peak at the answer.

During a recent appearance on Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take podcast, Drummond was pressed on where he plans to play next season.

He kept his response short and sweet. Two words, in fact: “Shanghai, China.”

Obviously Drummond is joking, but the fact that he didn’t definitively say the Lakers is telling. It also coincides with his recent social media posts.

In one, Drummond blatantly signaled that he was done in LA. In another, he left things a bit more ambiguous.

The Lakers have been pretty upfront with their intentions as they pertain to Drummond. However, things change rapidly in the NBA – and what might’ve been the plan two months ago is not necessarily the plan today.

Where will Drummond ultimately be playing come next year? Time will tell.

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