Only Real Lakers Fans Remember What Led To This Reaction (Video)

Only Real Lakers Fans Remember What Led To This Reaction (Video)

There are a number of iconic championship-level moments that Los Angeles Lakers fans remember vividly.

One of the less meaningful, but more memorable ones began to trend on Saturday.

It all began with a seemingly innocuous post on Twitter.

That one tweet set off a firestorm of reactions and reminiscing that kept folks busy for hours. Why? Because it’s true. Only real ones remember what preceded that particular reaction.

For those that need a memory refresher, this was the play:


Kobe Bryant’s reaction to that play, in particular, continues to stand the test of time.

Ever since his passing, any and all hoops-related memories as they pertain to Bryant are deeply treasured.

Whether it’s the long lost interview where he revealed the hardest player for him to figure out or crazy stories about him from ’08 Olympics – every Bryant tale is incredible.

As such, it should come as no surprise that this hilarious moment that he plays a small part in goes viral every other week.

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