Allen Iverson Reveals How He Changed NBA Fashion

Allen Iverson Reveals How He Changed NBA Fashion

Allen Iverson is widely regarded as one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

Although he never won a championship, him carrying the Philadelphia 76ers into the Finals on his back will forever go down in league lore.

In addition to significantly impacting basketball on the court, showing one and all what someone of small stature could do, Iverson also had a meaningful effect on the game off the court.

Specifically, he made it possible for players to dress how they wanted to dress without fear of criticism.

“For these guys to be themselves, to look how they want to look,” Iverson said of his impact.

“You know, the only time I’ve ever known about wearing suits was going to church or going to a funeral. I never wore no suit to the basketball court. But I just felt like, after the game, I’m going to Fridays and I’m going to the club. I mean, where am I going after the game with a suit on?

“The only reason I felt like the dress code came in was because once they saw I was coming in wearing what I wanted to wear and I was getting away with it. And other guys was like, ‘Well sh*t, if he can do it then I can do it too.’  And that’s when everybody in the league started doing it. And that’s when David Stern said no. God rest his soul, but that’s when he said no.”

One thing Iverson has always been known for is keeping it real. Whether he is revealing the only two players to ever give him problems in the league or settling the Michael Jordan vs LeBron James debate once and for all – the man is nothing if not honest.

So if he is saying this about his role in NBA fashion, you know it is true.

Iverson’s influence cannot be overstated. There is a reason why Chris Webber speaks the way he does about him. Ditto for Kyle Korver and Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook.

Every time he drops a gem on his past it is fun to listen to, and this most recent one was no exception.

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