Allen Iverson Reveals 2 Players Who Gave Him Most Problems

Allen Iverson Reveals 2 Players Who Gave Him Most Problems

Allen Iverson is one of the most beloved players in NBA history. He represented everything that an entire generation of fans loved about the sport, and for that reason will always have a special place in basketball lore.

A while back, Iverson appeared on the All The Smoke podcast with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes.

While on the show, he touched on a number of topics – but one in particular stood out.

“Steve [Nash] and Stephon Marbury gave me the most problems,” he said.

“I love Stephon Marbury. Steve was just just a headache because he could do it all… just knows how to get it done. Steve was excellent man.”

Iverson also noted that he had high hopes for Nash as a head coach.

“I knew it with Steve Nash,” he said.

“He has so much to offer our sport. [..] Shout out to you Steve. I want to see you do great. I want to see you be a legendary Gregg Popovich, Larry Brown-type influence.”

Among the other topics Iverson touched on during the podcast was where he wanted to see Giannis Antetokounmpo end up.

“I love Giannis now,” he said.

“I hope he leaves too,” Jackson said. “Go to Golden State.”

Iverson agreed.

“That’s where I want him to go, Golden State,” he said.

Barnes interjected at that point.

“It would get ugly,” he observed.

“Yes,” Iverson acknowledged.

“Yes. I would love him to go there. That’s where I want him to go. I want him to go to Golden State man.”

All that being said, the highlight of this particular podcast was no doubt Iverson going on his rant about a specific media personality.

“I don’t hate nobody,” he began.

“Yes I do. I hate you. There’s one guy, you know who I’m talking to. That they talking about right now.

“It ain’t who you think it is…I got love for Skip [Bayless]… It’s not you, but it’s a guy that do exactly what you do. And, trust me, the way you hate me? M*********** I hate you, too. The feeling is so mutual…You and your daddy.”

Most people assume that diatribe was directed at Jason Whitlock, but as of yet that has not been confirmed.

All in all, Iverson’s appearance on All The Smoke was immensely entertaining. Here’s to hoping he does more podcasts in the near future.

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