Aaron Rodgers Sparks Controversy With Latest Comments

Aaron Rodgers Sparks Controversy With Latest Comments

The Green Bay Packers have been on an incredible run so far in 2021.

By any objective measure, this group is a clear Super Bowl favorite.

A big reason for the Packers’ triumphs has been quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Despite offseason drama involving his future, and regardless of the fact that he despises his front offices and his own teammates dislike him – Rodgers has flourished on the field.

Off the field, however – it has been one controversy after another.

This past week Rodgers appeared on The Pat McAfee Show and expressed some frustrations regarding how COVID treatment was being handled in society.

“The one frustration that I have in all of this is that throughout this entire time there hasn’t been real conversation around health,” Rodgers said. “Like how to be healthier as far as your diet and vitamins and exercise, but the other thing that hasn’t been talked about is treatments.”

The Packers quarterback then pointed out specific treatments he felt were getting underreported on.

“I don’t understand why society and the NFL hasn’t talked about legitimate treatment options and monoclonal antibodies is one of them,” Rodgers noted, while also mentioning the controversial drug ivermectin.

“If you don’t want to do any of that, at least can there be conversations about treatments that can help our guys, if they have major symptoms, to recover quicker,” Rodgers added.

Immediately, social media erupted with outrage.

Rodgers’ choice of attire for this particular interview also raised some eyebrows.

Big picture, this is one of the most polarizing debates in all of society. So it stands to reason that the sports world wouldn’t be any better at dealing with it.

For better or worse – this isn’t going to be something everyone can agree on. Because of that, it seems like the “live and let live” approach is the path of least resistance for all involved.

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