Teammate Reveals Real Reason Aaron Rodgers Hates Packers

Teammate Reveals Real Reason Aaron Rodgers Hates Packers

The NFL world was turned on its head a few months ago when it was reported that Aaron Rodgers refuses to play another snap for the Green Bay Packers.

Immediately, various trade scenarios began popping up. Some were realistic; others less so.

The one thing they all seemingly had in common, however, was that they bought into the premise that Rodgers’ issues with the Packers ran so deep that they could not be repaired.

This week wide receiver James Jones, who was teammates with Rodgers for eight years and is close with him to this day, appeared on Colin Cowherd’s show.

While there, he offered some interesting insight into the real root of the beef between Rodgers and the Packers.

“[Rodgers] wants to keep some of the guys who have been in that building and helped the team win, whether or not you think they may be done,” Jones said.

“ … It goes back to the Charles Woodsons, the Clay Matthews’, the Julius Peppers’, the Jordy Nelsons, the James Jones’. He just wants to make sure a lot of guys like that that who may not be scoring 15 touchdowns of getting 15 sacks or 15 interceptions, but these dudes are big in the locker room for the young fellas. They’re key parts of this team to go (try) to win a championship.”

As far as Jones is concerned, Rodgers is less worried about who the Packers are adding, and moreso displeased with who they have been losing.

“I think for him the most important thing is it’s not about who you’re bringing in,” Jones continued.

“I can’t control who you draft. I can’t control who you bring in (via) free agency. But what I do want a little input on is the guys that you are letting out of the building. When you’ve got guys like Jordy Nelson who are willing to take a pay cut to play, and you’re saying no get out of here anyway, sometimes that can tick you off a little bit.”

So how will all this ultimately end? Well, it’s worth remembering that Rodgers’ teammates believe he is petty enough to force his way out of town.

Whether that’ll actually happen or not remains to be seen.

Currently only one team is viewed as a ‘very real’ possibility for Rodgers’ services. Though obviously that may change if the reigning league MVP and Green Bay don’t find some common ground in the next few months.

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