Packers Player Describes How Petty Aaron Rodgers Is

Packers Player Describes How Petty Aaron Rodgers Is

The entire NFL world was turned on its head this past week when it was abruptly reported that Aaron Rodgers no longer wanted to play for the Green Bay Packers.

Even though it was something of an open secret that Rodgers was unhappy in Green Bay, nobody expected him to demand his exit so forcefully and suddenly.

Immediately, one serious suitor for Rodgers’ services emerged. Then another.

A short while later, the team Rodgers himself most wants to play for leaked out.

So how realistic is the prospect of Rodgers getting dealt? Very. Even his teammates acknowledge that, given his personality, a resolution with the Packers seems unlikely.

One current Packers player told NFL insider Tyler Dunne that Rodgers is petty enough to take this entire situation to a whole new level.

“Aaron is an intelligent, trolling, petty, motherf—er,” Rodgers’ teammate reportedly said.

“He’s going to get the last laugh. He’s going to make you look f—ing stupid for disrespecting him. “As a front office, why haven’t you anticipated this? Why are you getting blindsided? I’m not saying Aaron’s evil but this is like a criminal mastermind plan.”

That coincides reasonably well with what a former exec told Dunne.

“Put it this way: they’d have to fire everybody,” the former executive said.

“He is dug in. They’d have to make him the freakin’ owner of the team. The sense I get is the dude just wants control.”

This entire situation seems to be trending in one direction, and it isn’t a resolution. Barring something massive happening, it feels like the Packers and Rodgers are headed towards divorce.

Where will all the chips fall when that divorce ultimately happens? The answer to that question will have dramatic ramifications for the NFL as a whole.

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