What Packers Want From Broncos In Aaron Rodgers Trade

What Packers Want From Broncos In Aaron Rodgers Trade

The NFL world was turned on its head a few weeks back when it was revealed that Aaron Rodgers wanted off the Green Bay Packers.

Tensions had been simmering for quite a while, but they apparently reached a boiling point in the lead-up to the NFL Draft.

The Denver Broncos quickly emerged as a likely destination for Rodgers, primarily due to their lack of faith in Drew Lockā€™s development.

This week, a potential price tag for a Rodgers trade emerged.

According to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, this is what it would take to acquire Rodgers:

  • QB Drew Lock
  • DE Bradley Chubb
  • G Dalton Risner
  • 2022 first round pick, 2022 second round pick
  • 2023 first round pick, 2023 second round pick
  • 2024 first round pick

So how realistic is it that Rodgers gets dealt? That largely depends on who you ask.

According to his teammates, he is so petty that he may single-handedly force a trade just on that basis alone.

Others, meanwhile, still believe Rodgers will ultimately remain in Green Bay by the time the new season starts.

ā€œI think that he wants more insurance that heā€™s going to be a long-term starting quarterback option for the Green Bay Packers and that I believe is something that would intrigue him to make amends with the team and come back to this season,ā€ Rodgersā€™ former teammate, John Kuhn, said on CBS Sports Radio last week.

When it became known that Rodgers wanted out of Green Bay, one serious suitor emerged for his services. Then came another. And then Rodgers himself revealed where he wanted to get moved.

This is an interesting story to keep an eye on. One way or another, what happens to Rodgersā€™ will dramatically impact the makeup of the NFL in 2021-22.

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