4 College Basketball Dynasties Seen As Bronny James Favorites

4 College Basketball Dynasties Seen As Bronny James Favorites

Bronny James is one of the most unique and intriguing prospects in the 2023 class.

A five-star recruit, Bronny possesses a unique blend of raw talent, impeccable lineage, and undeniable star power that few his age can match.

That said, because of all the hoopla surrounding Bronny’s future and the fact that his father is arguably the greatest NBA player of all time – it has been tough to get an accurate read on where he truly stands among his peers. Recruiting experts have been very honest about his current talent level, which has also muddied the conversation to some degree.

Recently, a group of four universities emerged as the likeliest landing spots for Bronny once he is done with high school.

According to multiple reports, the schools presently in the running for Bronny are: Duke, Ohio State, Tennessee and Texas. That aligns with previous reporting, which suggested that North Carolina and Kentucky could also be in the mix.

As a top five or six combo guard in the nation right now, Bronny is always going to garner interest. Couple in everything that comes with him, and it’s easy to see why so many programs are enamored.

As a player, Bronny has showcased a myriad of skills. Sometimes the highlights he puts up are jaw-dropping, while other times they’re facepalm-inducing. Time will tell what sort of player he ultimately ends up being.

LeBron obviously has a very strict plan for Bronny over the next few years, one that he hopes will result in them uniting on one particular NBA squad. But it is unclear at the moment how viable that truly is.

Multiple NBA execs have openly cast doubt on it.

In any case, Bronny will inevitably land with a top-tier college basketball program. And if he plays well there, then the sky is the limit for his future.

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