NBA Execs: LeBron James, Bronny Won’t Play Together

NBA Execs: LeBron James, Bronny Won’t Play Together

In recent days much has been made of LeBron James’ goal to play the final season of his pro career alongside his son, Bronny.

LeBron has spoken about this at length in the past, so it’s not a new development. A lot of factors need to align in order for that dream to become a reality.

And realistically, there is only team that can truly make this happen.

This week, a number of NBA execs offered their thoughts on the actual feasibility of a LeBron-Bronny pairing in the NBA.

“I can’t speak for all the other teams, but to plan for a 39-year-old and taking on his son, who I hear is just decent, to make moves for all that, I don’t see it,” one NBA GM told Ric Bucher of Fox Sports. “LeBron is still good, but he can’t carry you anymore. The only way I could see doing it is if you needed the box office draw.”

Another GM echoed that sentiment.

“The last thing I’m thinking about is Bron and Bron,” he said. “I doubt it is something I would put a lot of thought into right now.”

The soonest Bronny can make the jump to the NBA is the 2024-25 season. LeBron has one year left on his deal before becoming a free agent in 2023. Would he really leave LA at that point? It’s unclear.

LeBron obviously loves his son very much. There are some who believe that his primary motivation for recruiting Russell Westbrook to the Lakers was Bronny. But he is still constrained by salary cap restrictions, drafting rules and the uncertainty of the future just like everyone else.

And that’s to say nothing of the fact that there are four colleges with legit interest in Bronny, and him possibly needing to stay there for more than one year.

LeBron and Bronny playing side-by-side is a fun vision. But there’s a reason most NBA execs don’t expect it to happen.

Is it a possibility? Sure. Is it where the smart money’s at? Probably not.

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