Recruiting Expert Gives Blunt Take On Bronny James’ NBA Future

Recruiting Expert Gives Blunt Take On Bronny James’ NBA Future

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has said on multiple occasions that he wants to one day play in the NBA alongside his eldest son, Bronny.

Numerous paths to making this pairing happen have been laid out, and one specific team is extremely well-positioned to both sign LeBron and draft Bronny.

The big question that will need to be answered over the next few years is: how good is Bronny?

Currently, Bronny is recovering from a particularly brutal injury that cost him his sophomore campaign. When healthy, though, he seemingly has all the attributes necessary on paper for success.

The Sierra Canyon High School star stands at 6-foot-2 and 165 pounds, and is a combo guard. Although his seven points per game average from his freshman campaign doesn’t jump off the page, much of it can be attributed to the presence of two top-10 recruits in B.J. Boston and Ziaire Williams. With them gone, prior to the injury, Bronny was expected to take over.

This week, Jerry Meyer of 247 Sports offered his take on Bronny’s basketball potential.

“It is tough to judge how a player at Bronny James’ age is ultimately going to end up, but that is the projection business that we are in,” he said.

“I expect James to develop into a quality high major player. And with his lineage, there is a strong reason to believe that he will have a blossoming physically and in his game in the upcoming years.

“What will be interesting to observe is how he deals with the intense pressure and scrutiny from being the son of LeBron James. How he deals with that circumstance will have much to do with how good he becomes. He will have to go through a tough process of defining and becoming who he is as his own individual.”

Fortunately for Bronny, even if the prognosticators are wrong and he doesn’t make it to the NBA, he has a bright future ahead of him. He is a massively popular content creator, can make headlines with ease, and is the son of arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. No matter what – he’ll be fine in life.

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