4 Serious College Suitors Emerge For Bronny James

4 Serious College Suitors Emerge For Bronny James

Bronny James is widely regarded as one of the most intriguing young basketball talents in the nation. Because his father is LeBron James, obviously everything the youngster does is under a bit of a magnifying glass.

One of the top names in the 2023 recruiting class, Bronny is recognized as a top five or six combo guard and top 30 overall recruit at the moment.

Earlier this year Bronny suffered a brutal injury, but he seems to have bounced back nicely from it.

Since then he has strung together a mixed bag of very strong showings or very weak ones. There has virtually been no middle ground.

So what does that mean for Bronny’s future prospects?

According to Yahoo! Sports insider Krysten Peek, there are currently four universities showing legit early interest in Bronny.

“Duke, North Carolina, Kansas and Kentucky have all shown early interest,” she wrote.

Peek also spoke to a scout recently who gave a somewhat interesting analysis of Bronny as a prospect.

“Bronny has been a positive surprise,” an NBA scout said. “He’s shown me he’s more than a last name, he can make shots and handle the ball. He’s very even-keeled for someone who’s under the microscope.”

This isn’t the first time a scout has closely scrutinized Bronny’s game, but it is the most recent assessment.

While college is obviously what everyone is talking about right now, another viable option is Bronny skipping it altogether and jumping straight into the pros. LeBron has made it no secret that he wants to play in the NBA alongside Bronny one day, and in order for that to happen, a pretty strict plan needs to be followed. A key part of that plan is Bronny not actually spending too much time in the collegiate ranks.

All in all, the Bronny story is a fascinating one. If he is actually able to continue improving and become an even somewhat successful NBA player with this much scrutiny, it’ll be a truly impressive feat.

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