Zach Wilson’s Mom’s Wild Explanation For Him Failing As Jets QB

Zach Wilson’s Mom’s Wild Explanation For Him Failing As Jets QB

Zach Wilson was drafted by the New York Jets with the goal of him being a franchise cornerstone. Even after an undeniably disappointing rookie campaign, he was still given the keys to the kingdom in 2022 and every opportunity to succeed.

How did he ended up faring? Well, the former BYU standout got himself benched multiple times throughout the season and failed to ever take any responsibility for his own shortcomings.

This week, a fresh window into how his family perceives him and his situation emerged.

It all started with his mom, Lisa, getting a message from a fan regarding Zach getting benched yet again:

“Hope you’re having a good day Lisa,” the message read.

“Just really wanted to say sorry about the fan behavior and what not it’s uncalled for. I wish [you] and Zach the best of luck. But one last thing, Zach had single handily caused me the most pain and agony out of any player in sports history. Thank god he’s on benched. Have a good day and god bless.”

Lisa then offered a fairly stinging reply.

“It’s not possible for anyone to be successful here,” she wrote. “Your fan base is toxic. Merry Christmas.”


For context: Zach is a terrible quarterback. So far this year he has recorded six touchdowns and seven interceptions while completing less than 55 percent of his passes. And he has done this while having substantially more weapons on both sides of the ball than a lot of other young passers can claim.

Zach has been far more impressive off the field, what with his new girlfriend and bagging one of his mom’s friends, than with anything he has actually done on the field.

Lisa has similarly been an embarrassment from the jump. Between her weird ‘sexy’ birthday party, the way she keeps comparing her boy to NFL legends and that whole ‘crack whore’ situation – she definitely does more harm than good with all the yapping.

It is safe to say that the Wilsons’ time with the Jets will likely come to an end this summer. Where they go from here is unclear, though.

Zach’s confidence looks shattered. And that is brutal for a guy who wasn’t particularly good to begin with.

It also doesn’t help that the people around him, like his mom, think the reason he is a terrible quarterback is because of Jets fans.

The road to even becoming a serviceable backup in the NFL is going to be a long one for Zach. Whether he will be able to achieve that lofty goal remains to be seen.

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