Kawhi Leonard Goes Wild At Paul George’s Christmas Party (Photos)

Kawhi Leonard Goes Wild At Paul George’s Christmas Party (Photos)

The Los Angeles Clippers came into this season widely viewed as NBA title contenders.

Due to a myriad of injuries and bad luck, L.A. has underperformed thus far. With 34 games in the books, the Clippers are 19-15 and hovering around the middle of the Western Conference.

This week, in honor of Christmas, Paul George and his wife Daniela Rajic decided to throw a little party to get everyone’s spirits up.

A number of George’s Clippers teammates attended, including Kawhi Leonard.

As one would expect, Leonard went absolutely wild at George’s shindig. Just look at this madman in action:

Rajic also shared these additional images from the bash:


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This has been an eventful few months for Leonard. Between his memorable incident with the team’s mascot, wild encounter with a couple of women sitting courtside and all the chatter about the true extent of how hurt he has been – the man has been a permanent fixture in the news cycle.

Hopefully this week will mark a turning point for him.

Leonard is without question one of the most talented and well-rounded players of his generation. More than that, though – he is also an all-time legend.

The one thing missing from his resume at this point is a third championship with a third different team.

That is what was supposed to happen in Los Angeles, but it never did.

Fortunately, Leonard still has plenty of time to rectify that.

On paper the Clippers have everything they need to win a championship this year.

Whether or not they will actually be able to harness all that talent and win that ever-elusive chip remains to be seen.

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