Kawhi Leonard’s Encounter With Woman Sitting Courtside (Video)

Kawhi Leonard’s Encounter With Woman Sitting Courtside (Video)

Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard is one of the best basketball players in the world today.

On a weekly basis, tens of thousands of fans go to NBA games solely to see him play.

This past week, Leonard’s impact was on full display thanks to one particularly interesting encounter with a fan during a recent game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Although the Clippers would end up winning the outing, one moment in particular caught the eyes of observers.

This is the sequence:

What stood out about the encounter is that the fan opted to keep the towel. That’s pretty hilarious, one. And two, it speaks to the magnitude of star that Leonard is. Even his sweaty towel is a hot commodity. Nobody is falling over themselves for Ivica Zubac’s towel.

Fans had some funny reactions to Leonard’s interaction with the fan.

“Phone number was written on that towel,” one person wrote. “The Klaw knew what he was doing.”

“Literally just threw her some money,” another person added.

“Hell nah, the Klaw knew what he was doing,” a third person wrote.

“Board man keeping his options open,” a fourth person joked.

Fun times aside, this is a big year for Leonard. He came into the season looking like the Incredible Hulk and he has his sights very clearly set on winning a title.

Leonard’s legs, specifically, look absolutely insane these days.

Growing up, Leonard idolized a guy who could never win a championship. That isn’t a problem he has had throughout his career, but it’s definitely one he can relate to as of late.

Will this be the bounce back year for Leonard? The season where he stays healthy, plays well and leads the Clippers to that elusive title?

An answer should come one way or the other over the next few weeks and months.

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