Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa’s Latest Instagram Post Goes Viral (Photos)

Zach Wilson's Mom Lisa's Latest Instagram Post Goes Viral (Photos)

Zach Wilson’s mom, Lisa, has been a mainstay in the headlines ever since he was drafted.

This year with the New York Jets playing surprisingly well, she has seemingly ramped up the social media output.

Over the weekend Zach and the Jets faced off against the Denver Broncos. The win didn’t come as easily as it probably should have against such an inferior squad, but it nevertheless did come. Which is all that matters.

On the heels of all that, Lisa took to Instagram to offer this now-viral message:

Zach Wilson's Mom Lisa's Latest Instagram Post Goes Viral (Photos) 1

“People can talk trash all they want,” she wrote.

“That’s all it is. Nobody knows how hard he has worked and how much he and his entire family have sacrificed for this moment.

“We know what an amazing man he is on and off the field and that’s all that really matters.”

This obviously isn’t the first time in recent weeks that Lisa has blown up online. Between her ‘sexy’ 50th birthday party photos, memorable outfits for her son’s games and notable plastic surgery brouhaha – it as been one thing after another with her.

Through it all, she has remained extremely supportive of her boy.

Zach is having himself a mixed bag of a 2022-23 NFL campaign. On one hand, the Jets are winning. Their longest winning streak since 2015 speaks for itself. They are firing on all cylinders, and he is there for the ride.

On the other hand, he is making a lot of mistakes. Bad decision-making. Poor foot work. These are becoming consistent issues on a weekly basis. There is a reason why the Jets’ coaches are trying to minimize how much he throws the ball. They know what’s what.

Joe Flacco, in his three starts this season, threw for 901 yards, 5 scores and 3 picks on a 58.7% completion percentage and 77.9 passer rating.

Zach? Well, in four starts, he has thrown for 693 yards, 1 score and 2 picks on a 57.4% completion percentage and 73.5 passer rating. And even that one touchdown is a bit deceptive, as it came on a three-yard drop off to Breece Hall who then took it all the way into the end zone.

It goes without saying Zach, much like his mom, made a lot of headlines this summer. Between the drama with his ex-girlfriend and then revealing his new girlfriend to the world – it was one thing after another.

Off the field, he seems like a lot of fun. But on it, he has some problems.

And as much as Lisa may want to think her son is being unfairly criticized, he’s not. In fact, a lot of his issues are being masked by the Jets being otherwise good this year.

Teams have won with bad quarterbacks before. So it’s possible that Zach will remain the starter and New York will keep the good times rolling regardless.

That said, the Jets are currently despite Zach. Not because of him. And Lisa would be wise to recognize that if she is genuinely confused about why people “talk trash” about her boy.

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