Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Shows Off Outfit For His Jets Return (Photos)

Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Shows Off Outfit For His Jets Return (Photos)

Zach Wilson’s return to the New York Jets this past week was every bit as dramatic as many believed it might be.

Making his season debut, Zach played a central role in two things that may go on to define his 2022-23 NFL campaign: a flashy receiving touchdown in the second quarter and a bold fourth quarter drive to secure a win for his squad.

One person who tuned in to watch Zach work his magic against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday? His mom, Lisa.

Lisa started the day by showing off her special outfit for watching the game at home:

Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Shows Off Outfit For His Jets Return (Photos) 1

And then she provided some Instagram Stories showing how intensely she was watching this weekend’s proceedings:

Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Shows Off Outfit For His Jets Return (Photos) 2 Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Shows Off Outfit For His Jets Return (Photos) 3

Lisa loved what she saw from her boy in the fourth quarter. Not only did Zach complete 10 of 12 passes for 128 yards and a touchdown, but he also completed his last seven passes – putting the cherry on top with a 5-for-5 final drive for 57 yards.

Lisa has become something of a popular figure in NFL circles over the past year. Whether she is addressing her plastic surgery rumors or showing off photos from her “sexy” birthday party, she is always in the news for something these days.

Zach is similarly a headline magnet. Between his intimate photos with his new girl and his playboy ways being exposed – the man seems perfectly built for New York.

Winning this Sunday was big. There have been some questions up to this point about whether Zach is more style than substance. He definitely quelled that talk to some degree with his effort over the Steelers.

Not only did Zach become first quarterback in franchise history to record a touchdown catch, he is also the first Jets quarterback to even receive a pass since Geno Smith nearly a decade ago.

Most importantly, Zach’s knee seemed fine. He was sacked just once in the game, but did get hit six times overall in the outing.

Obviously two interceptions on the day isn’t ideal, but it’s important to view those picks in context. Zach had all of three days of practice to get ready for this one.

The Jets are heading into a really interesting stretch right now. The team sits at 2-2, with games against the injury-ridden Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears on deck.

If they play well – 6-5 after 11 seems like a pretty realistic mark to shoot for.

This season is less about the wins and losses, and more about the sort of development Zach shows as a quarterback. If he plays well going forward, it could mean big things for the Jets as a franchise in the years to come.

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