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Will USC Name Urban Meyer As Head Coach In October?

Will USC Name Urban Meyer As Head Coach In October?

Will USC Name Urban Meyer As Head Coach In October?

Will USC name Urban Meyer as the team’s new head coach in October?

That is the question college football fans are asking in light of increasing speculation that the former Ohio State coach has interest in taking over at USC.

This past Thursday, Mark May made an appearance on CBS Sports Radio and became the latest person to suggest that Meyer to the Trojans is inevitable.

“Once he took that job (at Fox Sports), that was the first thing that I had in my mind,” May said.

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“Why are you taking that job? Because you know the situation that Clay Helton is under.

“You know that USC is a great place to coach,” he continued.

“You know that they’ve got a great heritage and a great history there, and you know that you can draw players there.

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“They’ve got like four quarterbacks that can play major college football apparently.”

May believes that between Kedon Slovis, Matt Fink and J.T. Daniels, Meyer has a treasure trove of quarterback talent to work with.

“He’s going to step into a situation where he’s going to be solid at the quarterback position and he’s got some great athletes at the skill positions,” he added.

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“All he’s got to do is get a good recruiting class under him. It’s the same thing he did at Ohio State. It’s almost a turnkey operation.”

May also thinks that this is a marriage made in heaven on both sides.

“He’s coached at Utah, he’s recruited California, he knows how to recruit that area, his studio is less than 40 minutes from USC’s campus and he can go to high school games every Thursday and Friday night when he’s in Southern California,” May said.

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“The writing is on the wall, unfortunately, for Clay Helton unless they run the table and get to the Rose Bowl this year, and I don’t think that’s going to happen.

“I can almost guarantee you that’s the job he’s going to take. If you look at his track record, he doesn’t go to a place that doesn’t have a good quarterback that’s already established.”

When pressed on whether he believed Meyer was behaving fairly towards current USC head coach Clay Helton, May essentially said that all was fair in love and war.

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“That’s what coaches do,” he replied.

“Think about it. If you look at all the good coaches throughout history, that’s kind of what they do.

“They go around if they’re relieved or out of coaching for a year or two, they find a great place that they would like to be dialed into that they think it could have success at, and they find a way to get in with the alumni or the program or the athletic director.

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“I live in the Southwest in Arizona, where a lot of USC alumni are at. That’s all they’re clamoring about right now is getting Urban Meyer as their head coach.”

Helton initially went 10-3 and 11-3 in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Unfortunately the wheels fell off after that and the Trojans went 5-7 in 2018 before getting off to a somewhat misleading 3-1 start in the weakened Pac-12 this year.

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If what everyone expects to happen does in fact happen, when will the Trojans actually axe Helton?

Well, just one week ago, the word around Southern California was that if USC had gotten smashed by Utah, Helton would have been fired immediately.

The Trojans ended up winning 30-23, but you have to figure the same mentality to Helton’s job security will be applied all year.

And considering the fact that USC is scheduled to play No. 17 Washington this week and No. 10 Notre Dame in three weeks, there is a very good chance that they will get blown out at least once in the next two games.

At that point, will Helton get the boot and be immediately replaced by Meyer?

We will find out soon enough.

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